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How to write SEO fiendly Articles

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Writing an SEO Friendly article is really important because it will help your article to rank high in search
engines such as Google. Remember, if we can’t place our website on the first page of Google, it will be
really tough for us to earn a big amount. Thus, writing SEO friendly article is the key.
Now, I already discussed in the previous lecture that you can go with for articles if you want
but even if you go with them, it is the best to know about SEO because you will be able to judge qualities
of the articles in this way. Let’s understand how to write an SEO friendly article.
 Important of Using Headings
You have to make sure that you are putting the keyword of your article in the heading/ title of the
article. This is important. How would you find your keyword? Well, you will have to research your
product and come up with ideas that people may search about. Then test your ideas using Google
AdWords and if you find that your words are receiving at least 2000 searches in Adwords per month, you
should select that as a keyword.

 Be Natural
It is important that you don’t overdo the keywords. Make sure that your keyword appears in the article
body in 1% ratio which means that if it is a 1000 word article then the keyword should appear for
around 6-10 times in the main article body and it should appear there naturally.

 Use Yoast SEO Plugin
We already downloaded the Yoast SEO plugin in our plugin tutorial. Simply play with that plugin and use
it properly. It will always tell you whether your SEO for an article is good or not. If it is not green, you
should keep editing your article. Remember, the Yoast SEO Plugin should always be green.

 Write Long Articles
Make sure that all of your articles on the website are of at least 500 words and the more, the better.
The articles must be of good length and the articles have to be UNIQUE. If you copy something from Google
or other places, there is no way that your site will earn money. Everything has to be unique on the site.

Special Tips: Before creating content for your website, please check other affiliate websites on the internet.
Go to Google and type ‘Best Amazon Affiliate Website Samples’ and you will get lots of samples to check
out. Do not copy anything but check how popular sites are structuring their content and try to follow
their footprint.

Best of luck

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